More North Americans are becoming vegan – could our love of pets be the reason?

New research suggests that those who love dogs and cats are more likely to embrace a vegan lifestyle.

Veganism in Canada and the US is on the rise, with more and more people choosing to leave animal bi-products out of their diets. According to the scientific journal Appetite, this could very well be attributed to our love for our pets. In fact, the research suggests that having a greater variety of pets while you were growing up could have also influenced your decision to eat a vegan diet.

“I definitely believe that growing up in a household with a pet influenced my feelings about animal exploitation and living a plant-based lifestyle,” says Liv B, a well-known vegan food and lifestyle YouTuber who helped create the Vegan Guide by The Body Shop. This resource for new vegans contains some of the best nutritional and lifestyle advice, cruelty-free body care tips, and animal-friendly travel locations.

“Growing up with a family dog, made me more aware of animal welfare outside my home, as well as within it, and it wasn’t long before veganism seemed the best way for me to make a change,” Liv adds. And as research shows, she’s far from alone in this feeling.