activities to enjoy with your dog

Raising children is exciting and rewarding – but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend some quality alone time with “man’s best friend” this father’s day! Check out these top dog-friendly activities.

1. Plan a camping trip – Chances are, your dog will enjoy spending time in the great outdoors as much as you do! Have a campsite in mind? Check its policy on pets before booking.

2. Go for a drive – Thought no one could like cars more than you do? Think again! Many dogs love cruising, whether you’re taking a quick trip to the pet store or settling in for a fun road trip.

3. Hit the hiking trails – Off-leash or on, your dog will love exploring the woods. Plus, it’s an excuse to invest in some cool doggie hiking gear.

4. Take a well-deserved nap – If you sprawl out to catch some Z’s, it’s likely your furry friend will follow suit.

5. Enjoy a leisurely bike ride – Nowadays, there are safe ways to enjoy biking with your canine companion. Talk to your vet to ensure he’s fit to go the distance, and then head out for some exercise!

6. Go for a swim – Find a dog-friendly beach or a nearby lake and cool off with your pooch. Take it slow if it’s is first time swimming, and be sure to pack some sunscreen for both of you.

7. Spend the day on the water – Boating is the perfect way to spend a sunny summer afternoon – and most dogs love it. Just don’t forget his doggie lifejacket!

8. Play a good ol’ game of fetch – What better way to bond?

9. Go fishing together – Assuming he won’t scare off the fish, your dog will be thrilled by all the sights, smells and sounds that nature has to offer.

10. Toss the Frisbee – Once he gets the hang of it, consider joining a disc dog team!

11. Take an obedience class – It’s a great way to stimulate his mind – and yours!

12. Go geocaching – Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cacher, this is a great opportunity to see some new sights while getting some exercise. Just don’t let any “muggles” see you!

13. Bake some homemade dog treats Like to cook? Your dog will love the result!

14. Visit your local Hardware store – many hardware stores allow dogs. Just be sure to call first to confirm their regulations.

15. Build something! – Whether it’s a bed for your furry friend or a fence around the backyard, your dog will enjoy spending quality time with you while you hammer those nails.