Help! My dog is

My rescue dog, who is almost 2-years-old, has started marking my things. He will mark my side of the bed, he will try and steal my clothes and hoard them and occasionally mark them. How can I stop this behavior?

Emotional problems like marking can have many different causes. When I had merely my conventional training, I would usually choose different treatments for each problem. The holistic perspective recognizes that there is an underlying quantum pattern that is unique for each dog. It is this “template” that they are born with that actually causes all ill health.

The practical application is that most successful healing happens when we treat all the symptoms, including marking, with one or two deep treatments. At the same time we can soothe the symptoms if needed.

I would suggest learning reiki, Tellington TTouch and healing touch for animals (HTA), as these will address the emotional problems very well. Alternatively, find an integrative veterinarian who can help you with acupuncture, Chinese herbs or homeopathy. These healing methods will help the emotions and boost his overall health at the same time.