How Nano-amplification improves the quality of CBD products

CBD pet products are a fantastic and natural way to address a multitude of health troubles… but efficacy is hard to come by! Here’s how a unique process called Nano-amplification works to get CBD into the system faster and more efficiently.

The recent nation-wide legalization of hemp products came as yet another step forward for natural health care. Pet parents across the U.S. can continue to feel confident in their use of CBD products to care for the needs of their beloved animals. The new challenge lies in finding the right product.

In recent years, Cannabidoil (CBD), a substance formed in a hemp plant’s secretions, has presented itself as a helpful tool in many of our health woes (and those of our animal companions). As research delved further, it became clear that CBD could step in to take the place of some heavy pharmaceuticals. Studies have shown positive results in the treatment of anxiety, joint issues, neurohealth and even digestive distress.

Knowing the benefits of natural health care, pet parents have turned to CBD in larger numbers – and the market has responded in kind. The question people now face is no longer where to find CBD products, but which ones are best. With words like “Nano-amplification” being thrown around, answering this question can require a little extra reading.

There are many things that distinguish one CBD product from another, including production process. One such process to look out for is Nano-amplification. This process uses advancements in Nano-technology which allow for the reduction of the CBD particles down to less than 100 nanometers (nm). The CBD and its benefits for the animal remain the same; the only thing that changes through this process is size. By making the particles smaller, Nano-amplification makes CBD more bioavailable, meaning it is easier to absorb. In fact, the smaller CBD particles can be absorbed through the salivary glands in a dog’s mouth, allowing them to reach the bloodstream at a much faster rate.

Nano-amplification has been embraced by industry leaders. “Introducing Nano-technology to our products further supports our commitment to research and development,” says Creating Better Days founder Bruce Vance. “The refinement to our formulations allows us to improve the bioavailability of the CBD, resulting in better absorption rates and less wasted CBD.” CBD processed through Nano-amplification can pass through organs in charge of digestion or filtration, meaning more of the product makes it into an animal’s system. Because the cannabinoid system of every animal is a little different and may require different doses, using Nano-amplified products allows people to make small, steady adjustments as they work to create the best treatment plan for their animal companions.

As you consider CBD for taking care of the needs of your pet, there is a lot to learn! Keep in mind as you decide between products that the first and most important person to speak to is your vet. He or she will know what your pet needs and how you can get it.


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