Caring for senior pets with style

Vintage Pet Rescue is a non-profit hospice organization dedicated to caring for senior dogs. Their fun approach ensures every dog is cared for, loved and celebrated for the unique character that they are!

Senior dogs in shelters are nearly three times less likely to be adopted than younger animals. This heartbreaking truth means that many wonderful dogs spend their golden years without a family to help them face the changes brought on by age. Enter Vintage Pet Rescue.

Founded by Kristen and Marc Peralta, two Rhode Island locals who’ve been rescuing senior dogs for years, Vintage Pet Rescue works to meet the needs of every special dog in their care. Most of these canines hail from rescues across the country, while others require rehoming as a result of owner illness. In total, Vintage Pet Rescue is currently home to 29 wonderful dogs who keep Kristen and the Vintage volunteers on their toes every single day.

A typical day at the rescue starts at 7 o’clock in the morning. The first priority is to clean up whatever the pups left behind during their midnight wanders – cleanup is a constant theme throughout the day – and then it’s time for a family breakfast! Volunteers come over during the day to hang out with the four-legged residents and, according to Kristen, snuggling on the couch is a favorite activity. After a few hours of play and socializing, the dogs typically have a long nap followed by an early bird – 3pm – dinner. What a life!

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Of course, some days are interrupted by vet visits, whether planned or emergency. Every dog at the rescue receives all the health care they need, which is paid for in part by generous donations and fundraising. Needless to say, this outstanding dedication to health keeps spirits high, and makes for many happy faces in the old church the Peraltas have turned into a home. These senior pups might have grey muzzles, but their new lease on life couldn’t be any more colorful!

As you consider expanding your fur family, consider meeting with your local shelter’s senior dogs. While aging rescue animals often get overlooked, Kristen’s everyday experiences with her vintage dogs prove that canines of all ages can make wonderful companions!