Pet food label survey reveals surprising stats

Do pet parents really care about the quality of their animal’s food? 

Choosing the right pet food is a tricky task. Despite labeling requirements, ingredient lists and marketing ploys can make it difficult to determine what’s what. Interested in learning more about this common struggle, Luminer conducted a survey to shed some light on the mindset behind pet parents’ decisions.

Chart courtesy of Luminer.

Results revealed that 92% of respondents read the ingredients list when buying new pet food. 84% of pet owners claimed they would be more likely to read the labels if more information regarding nutrition and ingredients were provided (see chart above), and 82% of pet owners said the use of buzzwords like “natural” and “organic” influenced their decision to purchase a product.

The takeaway? Consumers are becoming more concerned about the quality of their pet’s food, and they’re willing to make dietary decisions based on a brand’s transparency!