protect your dog's paws from winter weather

The winter season can take a toll on your dogs’ sensitive paws. Constant exposure to snow, ice and salt can result in cracked, dry and even painful pads. Keep his feet safe and healthy all season long with these handy tips!

1. Apply a protective balm

Before walks, apply a protective balm or spray to your dog’s paws. These products, which can be found in most pet stores, work by shielding your pet’s pads from harmful elements. Look for an all-natural product with soothing ingredients such as LifeFORCE Paw Stick, which comes in an easy-to-apply applicator.

2. Avoid salt

Avoid sidewalks with excess amounts of salt. The harsh chemicals found in some de-icing products can cause your dog’s paws to crack, and are toxic if ingested. Do your best to walk in the snow alongside the sidewalk, or take an alternate route! For your own walkway, reach for a pet-friendly ice melt product.

3. Invest in doggie booties!

Boots are one of the best ways to protect your dog’s paws from winter’s wrath. Avoid cheap boots that are likely to fall off the moment you step foot outside. Instead, opt for a quality brand such as Hurtta’s Outback Boots or Muttluks’ Snow Mushers.

4. Wipe his paws

Always wipe your dog’s paws thoroughly after walks to remove any leftover snow, ice or salt. Be sure to check between the pads and carefully remove any ice balls that have formed.