On May 16th, Sacramento, California passed a law that all animals in pet stores must come from rescues or shelters. Joining 213 cities across 18 states, Sacramento is leading by example, promoting pet adoption and working to eradicate the practice of selling animals from unethical breeding situations.

As it turns out, this important law was actually more of a formality. All but one pet store in Sacramento had already embraced this practice before the bill was passed, including large chains such as PetSmart. Partnering with animal rescue organizations to adopt out cats, dogs and rabbits, these pet stores will be helping to free up space in shelters so that even more animals can be saved.

Only a day after this bill was passed, Sacramento’s Assembly Appropriations Committee introduced a similar bill that would make this new practice a state-wide law. Stay tuned at to the Animal Wellness Facebook page for updates on the bill’s status.


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