Sound-absorbing panels in shelters keep dogs calmer

Some animal shelters are investing in sound-absorbing panels that help reduce the stress of their  four-legged residents.

Barking-induced stress is a universal problem in animal shelters. The hard walls, floors and ceilings can create an echo chamber, causing one dog’s barking to reverberate throughout the entire facility, triggering excitement and additional barking among the other four-legged residents.

To solve this issue, some shelters are investing in acoustic panels that absorb sound and reduce noise-related issues. One shelter in Seguin, Texas had 24 panels installed in its adoptable dog room, stray/impound room, and isolation and quarantine room.

“In all the facilities I have worked with through my 20 years’ of experience, noise levels have always been an issue, causing stress in the animals,” says Shelly Lutz, Senior Officer and Animal Services Manager at the Seguin shelter. “The panels help keep the echo down. When we have barkers, the others don’t seem to feed off it as much because the echo is reduced.”