As summer begins, many dog parents notice that the warmer weather comes with more shedding! Following some of these key grooming tips will help keep your furry friend’s coat looking fresh. In addition to its preventive benefits, daily at-home grooming is a great way for you to bond with your pup.

Importance of Brushing and Combing

Coat health is one of the keys to a happy dog, and a few simple tools are perfect for this purpose. Always start with a brush, as it will stimulate hair and skin follicles while detangling and removing any loose dirt. For light-coated dogs, an Andis Large or Medium Pin Brush is a good tool. The Andis Firm Slicker Brush is great for dogs with heavier or double coats; this sturdy brush can power through to get out unwanted undercoat. If an unruly matt has formed, a Dematting Tool is perfect for tackling even the trickiest tangles.

Combing is the most important part of coat maintenance. After brushing, it is imperative to comb through and catch any hair the brush may have missed.

Key Maintenance Areas — Paw and Sanitary Trims

As seasons transition, the skin on a dog’s paw pads becomes especially vulnerable to the elements. Overgrown hair can tangle and create matts between paw pads and, since matted hair does not dry effectively, it leaves dogs cold and wet when it rains or there’s morning dew on the ground. Matted paw pads can also cause discomfort, decrease mobility, and even pose an infection risk. Using an adjustable blade clipper, like the Vida, makes for easy work when clipping the paw pads, as well as sanitary areas or eye corners. Keeping hair short and manageable is necessary to keeping a dog’s coat clean and sanitary. Some dogs have eye discharge, and keeping the inside corners of the eyes clear of hair will make it easier for you to keep it clean and stain-free.

Reduce Shedding

Warmer weather equals more shedding! Combat the issue with the Andis Deshedding Tool. It comes in both a standard and compact size and can be used on double-coated breeds, as well as terriers, sporting breeds and even goldendoodles that have an undercoat. It’s designed to pull the dead undercoat out without cutting the topcoat. This tool is a game-changer, and you will be amazed at how much dead coat it removes, and how shiny it leaves the topcoat.


Last but not least, make sure you are using some type of flea and tick preventive. Ticks can cause serious infectious diseases in animals and humans, but you can reduce the risk of transmission by quickly removing these pests with the Andis Flea Comb.


Nicole Kallish is the current Manager of Animal Education at Andis Company. She is a Certified Master Groomer, Industry Speaker and Judge, and former Liaison for Groom Team USA.